Britney Spears's At-Home Pokémon Birthday for Her Boys Is Pinterest Worthy

Britney Spears at the 2015 MTV VMAs

Should you ever need help coming up with a theme for your kid's birthday party, you might want to give Britney a ring. This diva knows how to throw one cool bash. Celebrating sons Jayden and Sean's birthdays on September 12 and 14, Britney Spears's joint Pokémon birthday party for her kids will give you serious Pinspiration.


Who knows if Mom had some help in the creativity department or spent hours looking up every detail on the Internet. All we know is that this home Pokémon Go–inspired birthday celebration is cute -- and proves Brit is just like us.

Big bday for my boys! Double digits whoop whoop! �

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And peep these "Happy Birthday" letter balloons. So cute!

"Big bday for my boys!"

Britney's Pokémon bash is super fun and something all of us can do. I love how it's in her home and has a casual aura to it that's so inviting (well, assuming you had an invitation) and not what you might expect from a "diva."

Seeing as Brit has a residency in Vegas, it could've been really easy for her to go all out with pyrotechnics, a few tigers, and some members of a Cirque du Soleil troop dangling from the ceiling.

But that's not what this mom did.

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Given the Pokémon craze still has people walking into walls -- and jumping into neighbors' bushes for a Scyther -- Britney's birthday is trendy and so spot-on.

I'm sure Sean and Jayden had a ball celebrating their birthdays together (which doesn't always happen, mind you). After all, who wouldn't enjoy this?

Um, Brit ... do you still have notes from this birthday? I have a husband who might like this for his.

Just keeping it real.



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