Katie Holmes Shares Intimate Photos That Show Her Bond With Suri

Katie Holmes Siri photos The relationship between a mother and child is innately precious. But something about catching a glimpse inside a private moment between a mom and her daughter really tugs at the heartstrings. Katie Holmes shared gorgeous black-and-white photos of herself and daughter, Suri, while the family celebrated Katie's mom's birthday, illustrating the beautiful bond this single mom and her only child share.


We know the former Dawson's Creek star is very close with her own parents, so it's no surprise she's always been a hands-on mom. But, sadly, as kids get older, it's often hard to get them to snuggle up and enjoy a cuddle.

Fortunately for Katie, it looks like for 10-year-old Suri, there's no place she'd rather be than on her mama's lap. These photos really say it all.

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We love how raw, real, and untouched these photos look. What a wonderful moment to capture. Clearly, the actress knows how fortunate she is. Just look at her captions: #blessed, #family, #gratitude.

#gratitude #littleangels #blessed

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Frame these gorgeous pics immediately, Katie! You never know how much longer you'll be able to get her to curl up like that. 

Maybe those spins around the dance floor took a toll on the adorable daughter of Tom Cruise. 

Don't you love Suri's dress? This little lady has always been a style maven. Remember when she'd be spotted teetering in heels as a preschooler? She's one to watch!

It looks like the party was a smashing success and it's wonderful to see the love within this family continue through generations. 



Image via Johns PKI / Splash News

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