Cindy Crawford & Her Model Daughter Are Seriously Twinning (#SheGotItFromHerMama)

Cindy Crawford and daughter Kaia Gerber at at the Los Angeles screening of Lifetime's 'Sister Cities' at Paramount Theatre on August 31, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

Um, can you say #twinning and #mommydaughtergoals? Holy goodness! In case you're having a Stevie Wonder moment (no disrespect to the legend), yes, Kaia Gerber and her mom, Cindy Crawford, looked identical during a recent red carpet appearance at an LA premiere. Seriously, there's no way this model mom could ever deny Kaia as her daughter. (Not that she'd want to!)


Those are some good genes.

Although this 14-year-old girl is coming into her own as a teen model, there's no turning away from Kaia's uncanny resemblance to her icon mom.

Just look at her!

Kaia Barber

Simply gorgeous!

The apple didn't fall far from the "legs for days" tree either as Kaia definitely picked up her model mom's physique.

Kaia Barber

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What's funny is that Kaia never realized how much she resembles her mom. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the teen said, "People have always told me that and I never saw it until like a year ago and I was like 'Okay!' [Now it's] undeniable."

Yeah, girl, you look like your mother -- lol!

Kaia Gerber with mom Cindy Crawford

Since we're on the subject of looking amazing, can we take a few moments to send a virtual high five to Cindy Crawford? Mama might be 50, but she is proving that things only get better with age, honey.

Go on and show these young gals how it's done. #AintMadatIt

These two are so gorgeous together (and apart).

Work and serve, ladies!




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