Coco Austin's Post-Baby 'Regimen' Includes No Gym & Mac 'n' Cheese (Where Do We Sign Up?)

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It's pretty safe to say that most moms don't wake up flawless, have gone to battle in the delivery room, and know how real the struggle (and pressure) is to get snatched. That's what can make us eye-roll a ton of celeb mom stories, but not this one about our dear Coco. Not only is Coco Austin's post-baby "regimen" super unconventional, but the 37-year-old also gets real about her body insecurities and why she's not letting the feeling to look "perfect" run her life -- or keep her away from a good plate of mac 'n' cheese.


Amen, Mama!

Recently speaking to E! News about life as a new mom, Coco was not afraid to admit that she enjoys guilty pleasures -- including comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and desserts on the regular.

As Mom says: "I eat what I want, but [in] small portions. I don't go overboard -- and yes, I have my mac 'n' cheese [and] my desserts. I have everything I want."

Finally, a celebrity we can relate to!

And if that doesn't make you want to invite Coco over for a girls' night in, lady Austin also comes clean about a certain assumption so many of us got wrong: Coco's workout regimen. Just when you think Coco would hit us with the, "Oh, I only work out five days a week now," she admits she hasn't been in a gym for almost two years and is finally going to start working out now that her daughter Chanel is nine months.

Say what?!

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Ever since Coco strutted out of the hospital after giving birth last November, I've been in awe. Mom was already back in her heels, skintight pants, and cleavage-bearing shirts like it was NBD. I thought to myself, Damn, girl looks snatched. Is there something in the Jersey water I didn't sip -- because we both delivered at the same hospital, and I didn't look that good after giving birth.

Even though I could never get away with skipping out on exercise for so long and eating "the good carbs" (okay, carbs that taste really good), I dig that Coco is so honest and not afraid to admit she isn't sucking on celery sticks and chewing quinoa all day.

I see that mac 'n' cheese does a body good, girrll.


Aside from the dream of looking snatched without lifting a dumbbell and enjoying some tasty meals, the one thing I appreciate about Coco is her honesty about body confidence and her struggles to feel good about herself.

Coco told E! News, "I feel like I might look good to some people, but I don't feel good inside. I think that's more of a mental thing."

I guess this just goes to show that even people who we think have it all together struggle in the self-confidence department just like the rest of us.

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Coco Austin will forever be a friend in my head. Aside from my being thoroughly entertained when she used to lift weights in the highest of heels, I love that Coco is just a gal who is trying to live life like the rest of us.

And what's great about Coco is that even though she doesn't feel 100 percent awesome in the body department, Mom is still okay and not beating herself up by forcing vigorous workouts. Instead, Coco has made the choice to enjoy her life as a mother and is proving to us all that we can in fact have our mac 'n' cheese and eat it, too.

Now that is a postpartum "regimen" I can get down with!




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