17 Times Blake Lively's Instagram Gave Us Motherhood & Maternity Style #Inspo

Blake Lively wearing a Lindsey Thornburg dress, Chanel bag, and Gucci Shoes attends the Target Launch of Cat And Jack Brand in NYC

All of us have that celeb friend in our head who we would love to hang with IRL. Whether it's slaying with Bey, or exchanging tweets with Chrissy Teigen deserving of tea and sunglasses (you know, for the shade), there are tons of star moms who give us major #inspo. And then there's Blake Lively, who continues to mic drop in the maternity style and motherhood department.

Come on, admit it. It's hard to hate on Blake.

No matter how easy it is to eye-roll lady Lively -- her "perfect" body, her dreamy husband (anyone else drool a little when they see Ryan Reynolds?), and her stellar life -- the truth is, we love to keep up with Blake, including on Instagram.

Here are some fun lessons Blake's posts can teach us about life as a mom, fashion, and everything between thus far.



Image via Splash News