New Mom Teyana Taylor Breaks the Internet in Kanye West Video (That Body Though)

Teyana Taylor at the 'VII' album Listening party at Up & Down in New York City.

Everyone has goals in life and things they aspire to become or accomplish. One of mine just so happened to move across the screen in glistening glory during last night's MTV Video Music Awards -- and no, it wasn't Beyonce. (No shade to the queen.) Teyana Taylor slayed in Kayne West's "Fade" music video. Not only did this new mom give us life with her Flashdance-inspired moves, but she proves that postpartum mamas CAN do the damn thing and make everyone take notes.


As I sit here and eat a chocolate chip cookie (it's Fiber One, so maybe that makes it better?), all I can think about is Teyana, her 8-month-old daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. (Taylor's fiancé, NBA star Iman Shumpert, delivered their girl at home), and how damn inspired I feel to oil myself up and let out my Rosie Perez dance movies from Do the Right Thing with a touch of Janet's "Pleasure Principle."

Even though I'm nowhere near the shape that Tey's in, I'm in awe of her post-baby physique, her sexiness, and her inner confidence that makes me want to show off my own.


Look at Mom go in that music video. It's so hard to turn away from Teyana and the attention she commands.

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In a world of body-shaming and confidence issues, I get that not everyone will be doing cartwheels over this music video -- a Kanye one at that. But what's funny is that I don't feel pressured to look exactly like Teyana, either.

I see a badass who's showing the world that moms can compete with the fiercest of people. Sure, most of us won't roll out of the postpartum bed and look exactly like this (I worked out my entire pregnancy and can tell you that's a lie), but man, this mama right here motivates me on so many levels.

Teyana upstaged damn near every performer at the 2016 MTV VMAs and she wasn't even there. Folks are still talking about Mom's steamy music video appearance in "Fade" and how it gives them major #fitspo.

I just happen to think it's awesome that Teyana is a fellow mom who's getting all the attention.

Yas, werk, diva!

As much as I love and applaud mothers who are proud of their stretch marks, loose skin, and ability to rock yoga pants like no one's business (I'm three-for-three with these), I also enjoy giving props to those who take on the challenge of getting back into shape.

Because when you become a mom, you should be celebrated, period.

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As one of Teyana's Instagram followers, who was mesmerized at Mom's prowess in the video, says, "She danced, she didn't give a f*ck."

Yup, you can be fierce, self-assured, and sexy as a mother. After all, we are the lionesses of our pack.

Never be afraid to roar.



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