Blake Lively Proves No Mom Is Immune From Post-Baby Body Insecurity

Blake Lively wearing a Lindsey Thornburg dress, Chanel bag, and Gucci Shoes attends the Target Launch of Cat And Jack Brand in NYC

It's easy to look at a celebrity and think he or she has it all together. Between the glam squads, airbrushing, and access to products that would make anyone look like a million bucks, yeah, stars do live a very good life. But that doesn't mean they don't also have their personal battles. Blake Lively talking about her post-baby insecurities is something all moms can relate to -- because self-doubt does not discriminate.


The 29-year-old opened up to the Herald Sun, where she revealed the fears she had jumping into a bikini for her movie The Shallows -- eight months after giving birth to her and hubby Ryan Reynold's daughter, James. (The couple are currently expecting their second child.)

As Blake says:

The struggle is that I am doing a movie in a bikini eight months after having a baby and there is a level of insecurity and vanity that comes with that. You don’t want to be the person in the magazines that they are saying 'ugh, look at her' rather than 'wow, look at her.'

Yeah ... the thought of trying to squeeze into pre-baby jeans creeped me out. I can't even imagine rocking a bikini, let alone making a movie where people will see me in one the entire time!

I wouldn't do it, but commend Blake for taking on the role (she's better than me) and opening herself up to critics -- including those who have an issue with her even wearing a bikini postpartum, and people who are ready to throw stones for the sake of trolling.

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As easy as it is for us to roll our eyes at Blake and say she didn't have to take the role, in a weird way, it's a bit refreshing to hear a celeb being honest about her truth. Even stars, whom we assume have the "perfect life," still struggle with certain problems like the rest of us do.

Lively adds:

That's a shame because there shouldn't be that negative 'ugh' after someone has a baby. Your body is so beautiful. You couldn't walk a Victoria's Secret runway but it's beautiful in a completely different and incredible way and I do wish I had the bravery to go out there and represent women as they actually look.

Blake is right: A mother's postpartum body is so beautiful. Sure, it might not look exactly how it was before your precious joy entered your life, but that's okay. It is incredible and different and unique.

While there are areas of my body I feel could use some improving, overall, I feel like I'm getting more comfy in my skin. Having kids 16 months apart definitely did not leave much room for me to adjust to changes (on all accounts), but I love who I am, both on the inside and out.

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More new mommies need to feel encouraged and know they aren't alone. Every mother has battled with some type of insecurity during her parenting journey -- regardless of how much she has in her bank account, or who can recognize her on the street.

And you aren't weak for admitting times when you didn't feel brave or beautiful.

Hopefully our society will get to a place where we stop putting such an unrealistic and unhealthy expectation on mothers and how their bodies should look after having a baby.



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