Kate Gosselin's Decision to Send Away Her Son Could Not Have Been Easy

Kate Gosselin

This famous mom of multiples is no stranger to being criticized for her parenting choices -- and her latest revelation is sure to draw some unpleasant remarks. In this week's issue of People, Kate Gosselin opens up about the tough decision she made to send her son Collin away to help him reach his full potential.


Gosselin says the 12-year-old, one of the sextuplets, has special needs. While she doesn't reveal his diagnosis exactly, the take-charge mom states that this away-from-home program is assisting him as he "needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things."

It had to be a very difficult decision for the mom of eight, especially because anyone who's watched her reality shows knows this lady likes to take control of situations and handle things her own way. 

Still, People readers were quick to criticize the single mom's decision, with many leaving comments on the weekly mag's Facebook page:

One commenter wrote: Why discuss this with tabloids? What does [sic] her children gain from it? That's private. Quit putting your kids out there to be vulnerable like this

Another one commented: Great moms don;t [sic] send their kids away just because they are more difficult to raise than the rest of them. I know this, I HAVE a special needs child!

And another stated: Great moms don't sell their underage children's health issues with a tabloid.

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But it sounds like it wasn't a choice made lightly, as Gosselin told People:

There is a huge hole in our family without him here. But it comforts us to know he's where he needs to be right now. I feel like I've made an investment in Collin's future. To know he's somewhere that's helping him reach his very best potential has been a relief in many ways. 

While some might be tempted to blast this mom for not being able to help her son herself and keep him with the rest of the family, let's remember that every child is different and requires different things from a parent to grow and flourish. 

If Kate truly were unable to help him in the ways he needed, we have to give her credit for finding a place where he can thrive. To admit that your child needs something more than you can give isn't an easy realization for any parent.

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It also has to be tough on both Collin and his siblings to be separated. But as the single mom states, "... it's not something that has only impacted me or him -– our entire family has been impacted."

Many parents of children with special needs can relate to that statement. Let's hope Collin is getting all the support he needs and can return to the family when he's ready with the skills to thrive.


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