Ashton Kutcher's Reaction After His Daughter Drops an F-Bomb Is All of Us

Ashton Kutcher at the

Way to keep it real, Dad! While many of us would have no problem rushing off and burying our heads in the sand, this papa is unashamed of a common #parentingproblem many of us deal with: a child's swearing. And as hard as it might be to imagine 2-year-old Wyatt cursing (it's not like we see her face on the regular), Ashton Kutcher's reaction to his daughter's F-bomb is pure comedy. You can't help but laugh!


Taking to Instagram, Ashton Kutcher had no problems sharing this photo of how surprised he was to hear his daughter curse. And like many parents who have been within earshot of their precious child letting a few "verbal no-nos" rip, it's important to try to keep calm and carry on.

... Regardless of how much you want to laugh.

"When your 22-month-old drops an f bomb and it is (not funny) except it's really funny and you can't laugh."


Come on, let's not pretend you haven't been in his shoes.

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Oh man. I can only imagine my face when my 2- and 1-year-old contribute to the swear jar. We don't have one, but you get what I'm saying.

Obviously no parents ever want their kid to have a potty mouth (no thanks to that parent-teacher conference), but it happens. Kids are very much like sponges and pick up on everything we do and don't want them to learn.

Who knows where Wyatt heard the F-word. Maybe she was looking forward to an episode of Doc McStuffins and Caillou came on. Hell, you might get a "WTF is this?" from me, too.


There there, Ashton. You aren't a bad dad. All you can do is make sure your daughter isn't around anyone or anything with too foul of language. Hard, I know, but hey, we gotta try as parents.




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