23 Celeb Moms Openly Breastfeeding Like It's NBD (Because It's Not)

blake lively

If there's one thing celebrities are good at, it's setting trends. So it's huge when a famous mama posts a photo -- or is snapped by the paparazzi -- breastfeeding her baby (or toddler). Whether these women realize it or not, they're helping to banish the stigma that breastfeeding -- especially breastfeeding in public -- is "weird" or "sexual." Because as most of us know, there's nothing more natural in this world. 

From Olivia Wilde's bold nursing photo in Glamour magazine to Chrissy Teigen's slew of breastfeeding pics on Snapchat, these 23 women are helping to normalize breastfeeding. Way to go, mamas. 

celebs breastfeeding 

Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

breastfeeding celeb moms

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