16 Celebrities the Internet Mom-Shamed for Their Parenting

16 Celebrities the Internet Mom-Shamed for Their Parenting

Chrissy Teigen at Spike's 'Lip Sync Battle' held at Saban Media Center on June 14, 2016 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Being a mother is already a tough road to navigate as is. Between dealing with feelings of uncertainty, nervousness, frustration, and everything else that comes with the territory, the last thing any mom needs is criticism coming at her from all sides. And if you think celebs are immune to this kind of BS, think again.

For some reason, there are people walking around on this earth (who knows, maybe aliens, too) who actually think it's okay to take time out of their obviously idle schedules to throw shade at a mother. Perhaps they don't realize their words actually sting and do nothing to help build Mom up.

Or, maybe they're just a**holes.

Some of our favorite celebrity moms have dealt with mom-shaming for reasons that will make you roll your eyes. It's not fair and it needs to stop -- like, right now.

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