Let's Focus on Keshia Knight Pulliam & Ed Hartwell's Baby -- Not the Drama

Keshia Knight-Pulliam with estranged husband, Ed Hartwell

As entertaining as it is to watch the train wreck known as reality television, certain celebrity drama should not be so ... public. Whether you were a fan of The Cosby Show, or watched the first few seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, news that Ed Hartwell is divorcing pregnant Keshia Knight Pulliam -- and is demanding a paternity test -- is likely disturbing to you, and will hopefully get better before baby arrives.


It's unclear what happened to lead up to this mess of a situation. We're not Keshia and Ed's neighbors and therefore can't peep through their bushes to get the tea. (There's sarcasm in there.) The dust has yet to clear from this whole ordeal. Hell, it's barely started to settle on their 7-month-old wedding photos.

Who knows why Ed (RHOA fans know he's the ex-husband of Lisa Wu) feels a paternity test is necessary, even though a source close to him told People he "doesn't have any evidence of her cheating." (The source also mentions that Ed wanted to wait before having a baby, and that "things got really bad between them and then she pops up pregnant.")

Seeing as Keshia looks like she's well into her pregnancy, the reality of her having a baby isn't exactly something that just happened overnight.

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For the record, Keshia says she's 100 percent confident Hartwell is the dad. Hopefully this situation doesn't get even crazier than it's already become.

As much as our faces are glued to social media and websites for any updates, my concern is less about the drama swirling around these grown adults and more about their unborn child (Keshia says she's having a girl.)

To imagine babies coming into this world growing up to feel like they, at one point, were unwanted is quite sad.

Even though it's incredibly hard for me to try to picture myself growing up in that reality, I have lived through my parents' getting a divorce when I was young (age 5). And while I never was able to grasp why mommy and daddy thought it was best for them to split -- and often questioned whether or not I was to blame -- I am thankful they came together and found a way to co-parent.

Relationships don't always work out, and that's okay. But once a baby is on the way (and arrives), there has to come a point where you lay all pettiness and animosity aside for the sake of the child's well-being.

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Children deserve our love and our protection. I truly hope Ed and Keshia are able to come to some common ground, so they can come together -- even if it means working independently -- for their daughter. This baby didn't ask to be a part of drama and shouldn't have to pay for anything that happened between her parents.



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