Carrie Underwood's Rare Photo of Her Baby Reminds Us to 'Soak in the Sunshine'

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Country music and American Idol fans are likely doing back flips right now. (No worries if you can't, just pretend you did.) Carrie Underwood's photo of her son Isaiah has us feeling all sorts of excited, and for good reason. Mom doesn't always share pics of her 17-month-old boy, which makes days like this sweeter than a mason jar of southern tea.


If you follow Carrie on Instagram, you know the 33-year-old Grammy Award winner does share photos of her son, but not like this. (Sometimes we see Isaiah's back, his arm, or his face ... covered by a cup.)

Needless to say, Mom's latest photo of Isaiah is too adorable for words. Just look at those cheeks!

"He soaks in the sunshine ... and I realize that he is mine ... I don't deserve such sweetness!"

How. Freakin'. Cute!

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No wonder Carrie has been keeping this precious face all to herself. He's all sorts of handsome with a delightful spirit that just radiates beyond the camera.

I, for one, just love looking at this photo. Isaiah could be laughing at the fact that the sky is blue, or that he just let a stinker out -- and it wouldn't faze me at all. Children are full of so much peace and happiness ... regardless of how much chaos they might cause along the way. (Just keeping it real.)

Carrie's photo is a simple and yet touching reminder for all of us to stop and bask in the sun with the ones we love.



Image via AdMedia / Splash News

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