Kelly Clarkson Shares 2 Adorable Pics of Her Son Remington (& They're Precious!)

Singer Kelly Clarkson at Capital FM in central London.

There are so many reasons to love Kelly Clarkson. She's down-to-earth, can sing her a** off, and just seems like a fun person to be around. And, if that's not a reason to keep her on your short list of friends in your head (we all have them), Kelly Clarkson's latest photos of her son, Remington Alexander, will melt your heart.


This 3-month-old must have his mama wrapped around his little finger. He's all sorts of adorbs and will captivate you with his baby blues.

Think I'm lying? Look at baby Remy and try to keep the drool from falling out your mouth.

Soo cute!

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And here's a beautiful shot of Remington with his 2-year-old sister, River Rose. Doesn't she look like a proud sister?


What a gorgeous family, Kelly!

(So precious.)

It's hard to believe little Remy is already 3 months. Doesn't it feel like we just watched Kelly announce her pregnancy during her concert the other day?

Man, how time flies.

Keep on taking pictures of your kiddos, Kel. Before you know it, they'll be heading off to school, then college, and out of the nest forever.





Image via Gotcha Images / Splash News

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