This Video of Chrissy Teigen Smooching Baby Luna Is What Motherhood Is Made Of

Model Chrissy Teigen arrives at Spike TV's

Who can ever pass up a lovable and cuddly mother-daughter moment like this one? It's soo precious -- the perfect visual that captures what motherhood is all about. John Legend recently shared an Instagram video of Chrissy Teigen's mommy time with daughter Luna that will give you baby fever.


Soaking in a few moments before whisking off to the Beyonce concert in Milan, Italy, new mom Chrissy Teigen couldn't resist loving up on her 3-month-old.

Seriously, who could blame her? This baby is toooo cute!

Mommy getting ready for Beyoncé in Milan tonight!

A video posted by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

As sweet as this moment is, doesn't it look like baby Luna is saying to John, "Dad, please come and get your wife? Like, right now. Yup, still waiting, pops."

Lol, aww!

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I'm so happy my kiddos are still young (well, maybe not my 2-year-old, because of the "terrible twos," but I still love him!) so I can kiss up on them. Then again, that doesn't stop my mother from grabbing me à la Tiegen style for smooches.

I guess it never gets old, which is yet another reason why it's awesome to be a mom.

Now, go and kiss on your children until they tell you to stop. (Should they give you lip, tell them Chrissy Teigen did it, which means so can you.)



Image via Splash News

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