Blake Lively Continues Her Reign as Queen of Maternity Style

Blake Lively pink dressIt seems like this pregnant lady can do no wrong fashion-wise. Continuing her reign as queen of maternity style, actress Blake Lively dazzled in a pink-orange dress while out in Manhattan promoting her soon-to-be-released film Café Society.


Wish we could bottle that glow. Seriously, we didn't think the 28-year-old, who is married to actor Ryan Reynolds, could possibly look any more gorgeous than she did in Cannes, but, clearly, we were wrong.

Also, we have to wonder if the mom of 18-month-old daughter James is sending a hint that she's expecting a second girl with this stunning frock?

Blake Lively pink dress

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She looks so happy, too, which is lovely to see, and we'd have to imagine her growing family is the cause. The Shallows star told USA Today that she and Reynolds each make career choices that keep their family together: "This is a career that's like the stock market: You've got to stay hot while you're hot," she said. "But your family, that's the real thing that gives you security and success and happiness."

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So sweet. We love that this successful couple recognizes what a good thing they've got. They've probably witnessed firsthand the toll Hollywood can take on a marriage, and it's nice to see that they're making their family a top priority.


Images via Jackson Lee / Splash News

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