Chrissy Teigen's 'Splash Mountain' Pic Is Totally Life as a Breastfeeding Mom

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Any breastfeeding mother will tell you that leaky boobs are a real and frequent occurrence. Between trying to keep up with baby's feeding schedule and wanting to enjoy life away from the nursing pillow, let's just say a mama's "liquid gold" has been known to make an unexpected cameo. This is one of the reasons why Chrissy Teigen's hilarious roller coaster pic is so epic. Practically every new mom can relate!


The 30-year-old mama and her hubby John Legend recently enjoyed some downtime with friends at Disneyland in California. All was going well ... until Chrissy made her way to Splash Mountain. (You know, that water ride that takes a mean plunge?)

Steep amusement ride + milky boobies = potential soaker. 


A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on


Talk about giving a new meaning to Splash Mountain. (Haha.)

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I can't stop laughing at this photo. One, I love Chrissy Teigen (she's a friend in my head), and two, I've been there. There were soo many times during my nursing days I had to grab my boobers to make sure they wouldn't explode. Whether taking a Zumba class or going grocery shopping, I did not want to deal with those "hey, look at my shirt" milk rings. (Cloth barriers didn't always help.)

We can't help but love Chrissy's honesty in her newfound role as Mom. She makes simple and oh-so-common situations -- like leaking breast milk -- a fun memory you can laugh at for time to come.

This photo is everything.




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