Kate Beckinsale Opens Up About Her Father's Death


Acclaimed actress Kate Beckinsale discusses a wide variety of topics with Larry King in her latest interview on Larry King Now.  No topic was off the table: Beckinsale sounded off on the eagerly-anticipated fifth installment of 'Underworld,' and the continued fight for pay equality in Hollywood.


But the most memorable moment from the interview came when she opened up about losing her own father, famed British comic Richard Beckinsale.

The star of the newly released, critically-acclaimed film, Love & Friendship - out in theaters now - was only 5-years-old when her father passed away in 1979.  In the clip below, she reveals to Larry she often blends memories of his death with those of John Lennon, who left us only a year later in 1980.  Both deaths were widely mourned in the U.K.  “The feeling in the streets where we lived was very similar, so in my mind as a child I had the two events confused,” she tells King.  “I always felt a slight ownership of John Lennon because of that actually.”  

But her father continues to be a strong presence in her life, despite the fact he passed when she was only a little girl.  “Because his shows were repeated constantly, he’s been a very current figure my whole life which is kind of weird now that I am vastly older than he is,” Beckinsale shared with King.  

Tune in to Ora.TV for Kate Beckinsale’s full interview with Larry King, where she discusses the new female director for Underworld and why she calls herself the “Grandma of Twilight”.

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