Kate Beckinsale Recreates Her Daughter's Birth Photo 17 Years Later

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What's a mother to do when her daughter turns 17? Buy an oversized "Happy Birthday" card? Send a singing telegram to her high school for the sake of a little fun (and embarrassment)? Kate Beckinsale brilliantly recreated her daughter's birth photo for her birthday -- and it's so perfect and something her sweet girl will never forget.


"Always a baby to me #Lily."

Kate, her ex-partner Michael Sheen, and their daughter Lily recently took some time to recreate one of their first photos together as a family. Celebrating Lily's seventeenth birthday, Kate couldn't help but share the moment on Instagram.

Always a baby to me #Lily -- See more tonight on the @latelateshow �

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What an adorable photo!

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Aside from the awesomeness of Selene and Lucian having a baby (come on, you know you saw Underworld), it's so awesome to see them come together for such a wonderful project. Co-parenting is no joke and can sometimes cause so many issues that require an intervention -- like from the United Nations.

And kudos to Lily for participating. After all, it's not uncommon for a teen to have a mini breakdown at the mere thought of public embarrassment, or when said almost-adult thinks something isn't cool. (Sorry, Kate, but you don't get a pass on this one. You're still "Mom.")

Seeing this photo makes me think about my two boys (they're still tots), how quickly time is passing, and what I'll do for their birthdays. As much as this side-by-side snap was for Lily's birthday, it's also a testament to Kate's relationship with her daughter and their journey.

(Aww, here come those Mom tears.)





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