Ali Fedotowsky & Catherine Lowe Get Real About Having Sex During Pregnancy

Hot mamas-to-be! Former Bachelor stars Ali Fedotowsky and Catherine Lowe are both pregnant with their first kiddos, and they're gracing the June cover of Fit Pregnancy and Baby. They weren't afraid to get candid in their interview either -- and even talked about having sex during pregnancy.


Ali admitted that she's been having a hard time getting her groove thing on since finding out that she was expecting. "I don't want to have sex at all," she confessed to the mag, explaining, "Mentally, I can't get past the fact that something so adult is happening in the presence of my little baby."

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Thankfully, her fiancé Kevin Manno feels the same way. She added, "I mean, we'll be intimate once in a while, but it's not the same ... All I think about is the baby. And when I was sick during the first trimester, I was like, 'Get the hell away from me. If you come near me with that thing, I will strangle you.'"

Oh man, that is so relatable for so many women!

On the other end of the pregnancy sex spectrum is Catherine Lowe, who is expecting a baby with her hubby Sean this July, just a week before Ali and Kevin. She shared, "I've always wanted sex with my husband, and that's not changed one bit ... I'm grateful Sean isn't scared to do it with me, and he tries to be gentle. We're obviously not doing crazy stuff, but you can still do the same stuff you were doing before."

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Hmmm, we have to wonder what she means by the crazy stuff? Anyway, it's cool that these ladies opened up about sex while pregnant, and just let any attitude about it be totally normal. Some people aren't going to want to at all, and others have experienced increased libidos.

There is no wrong answer -- there's just doing whatever you're comfortable with.


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