19 Celebrity Moms Who Had Natural Childbirths

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To try natural childbirth, or to not give a drug-free childbirth a try -- that is the question. At the end of the day, an expectant mother has to do what she thinks is best. Sometimes, that means taking the au naturel approach, and other times, that means saying yes to the meds. Should one be considering door number one, just know that there are plenty of celebrity mothers who also chose natural childbirth. Here's a look at celebrity mothers who experienced a "natural" childbirth -- including some who did by accident. (Yup, that happens.)


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There are plenty of celebrity women who have decided that "natural" childbirth -- aka vaginal childbirth, is the right path for them. Whether that be because of their spiritual beliefs, they chose it, or the baby came out so fast they had to give birth RIGHT NOW, these women have talked about their labor experience and most of them would agree that it's pretty transcendental. We've found some of our favorite quotes that these ladies have said in the press, about their labor process -- some of their thoughts were both raw and hilarious 

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Read on to see which celebrity mamas decided to have a good ol' fashioned vaginal "natural: birth and why they decided to do it that way. Some of them might just be surprising! 

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