John Legend Nails the Double Standard of Mom-Shaming Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

While it might take one person to make a dinner reservation, when it comes to having a baby, you're going to need two in that tango. Ever since Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her daughter Luna, folks have been coming for her from on all sides -- including giving her hell for thinking dinner without baby in tow was okay. (The nerve of her!) John Legend's tweet about mom-shaming is spot-on and highlights an important issue many of us seem to have forgotten ...


Why is it still okay to only shame the mom? (Just allow that to sink in for a bit.)

If you happen to follow Chrissy on social media (she's so hilarious!), you know she doesn't need any help clapping back at people.

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That, however, did not stop her husband John from throwing in his two cents.

Where is this man's offering plate? He's testifying and speaking some truth!

Preach, brother Legend!

(Aww, what a good man and sweet hubby.)

Y'all better leave Chrissy alone!

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John is right: Our society is so quick to point out when a mom is and isn't doing something horrible, that dads often get overlooked -- or receive some unspoken pass. (There's also that whole "Dad babysitting his own kid" thing we can talk about later.) And, sadly, this often comes from women and other mommies, too.

Can people really not see this double-standard? Are we that far gone in the matrix?

Thankfully, many of John's followers have also picked up on the mom-shaming going around, and want it to stop, too.

So true and so sad some people still fail to see the error of their ways.

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As a mom, I definitely don't blame or shame anyone for wanting to have a little "me time." When you're a new parent, you're constantly around your baby, taking care of any and every need. There's nothing wrong with wanting to take a little time to catch your breath, catch up on sleep, or grab a bite to eat without LO hanging off your boobie. That's why we have friends and family. (It really does take a village!)

Should you feel the spirit move you to throw shade at anyone for doing this, please (oh please) make sure it's directed at both parents -- not just Mom. John, we totally agree with you and can only hope more people check this double-standard at the door.




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