'Real Housewife' Kandi Burruss Is Potty Training Her 4-Month-Old Like It's NBD (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss recently posted to Instagram about beginning the potty-training process with her 4-month-old son Ace. Yes, you read that right: He's still an infant and she's putting him on the potty once a day.


Naturally this opened up the flood gates for naysayers who think the whole thing is absolutely preposterous. A baby on the toilet? What?

Kandi explains in her post that she used a similar technique when her now-teenage daughter Riley was a baby and it worked, so all haters can take a step to the left and have a seat.

Ok I know a lot of people are gonna talk trash because we have #Ace on the potty already but I did the same thing with @rileyburruss. I bought the baby toilet seat that fits on top of the toilet & for the past week we've been putting Ace on the toilet in the mornings. As soon as we sit him up there he pees. One time he pooped & peed. It helps to get them used to the concept early. I don't expect him to be fully potty trained early but it does help. I've done it before so I'm speaking from experience. I'm not saying it will work for anyone else but this works for us. Today I didn't get the diaper off quick enough & he started going as soon as I sat him on the toilet! He got me! ð���ð���ð��� @acewellstucker ♠ï¸ï¿½♠ï¸ï¿½♠ï¸ï¿½

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For the record, this isn't the first time a celebrity mom has gone public about beginning the daunting potty-training process early. Mayim Bialik made headlines when she discussed using the Elimination Communication method with her kids, one at 6 months and the other at just 2 days old.

Considering my youngest son (who is about to turn 4) still won't commit to going number two on the potty, Kandi might just be my hero mom. And since it doesn't sound like she has ridiculously high expectations of Ace's being fully potty trained anytime soon, what's the harm? Propping the little guy up on a baby potty seat when he wakes up in the morning hardly seems like cause for alarm, particularly if it gets him used to the idea of eventually using it all the time.

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Kandi also notes that this is what works for her, and it might not work in every household for every baby. So let it go, people. She's not standing on a pedestal preaching what you should be doing for your child, just sharing a ridiculously cute video of what she's doing with her own.


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