Gold Medalist Dana Vollmer and Her Mom on What's Harder: Olympic Training or Being a New Mother

Dana Vollmer and mother CathyDana Vollmer is a "momma on a mission." The Olympic swimmer has five gold medals under her belt and will pursue another this summer in Rio. But there’s one thing that’s different for her this year: She’s a mom.


Yep, Dana’s got an 13-month-old son, Arlen, at home. If you’re wondering how she juggles mom duty with Olympic training, we’re right there with you. But having a great mom of her own to look up to seems to have helped.

CafeMom Studios talked to Dana and her mom, Cathy, at Procter & Gamble's "Thank You Mom" campaign launch event. Here, they both chat with us about what it’s like to mother throughout the pursuit of Olympic dreams, the moment they both knew Dana would be a real contender, and how she’s managed to keep rallying after big wins and tough losses.

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And just wait until you hear what Dana says when we asked her whether it’s harder to be an Olympian or a new mom. So true.

We’ll be rooting for you in Rio, Dana!


Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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