Jessa Duggar Plans to Raise Spurgeon on Her Own Terms Instead of Following Her Family's Lead

Ben and Jessa (Duggar) SeewaldJust because you come from a big family, who happens to be pretty well-known, doesn't mean things will be the exact same in your household. Jessa (Duggar) Seewald admits she'll raise baby Spurgeon differently than how her mom, Michelle Duggar, raised her.


(Shocked? You shouldn't be.)

After all, what new mom doesn't want to do things a little differently? It's only natural, and isn't necessarily a bad reflection on how you were raised.

Speaking with Us Weekly, the 23-year-old wife and new mom opened up about her wanting to change things up when it comes to her 5-month-old son Spurgeon.

Jessa says:

Spurgeon is still pretty young, but I'm sure that as he continues to grow, I will find that I tend to do some things differently than my mom did.

That's the beauty of the individual family. No one is identical.

And, just in case you're wondering, Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald have no plans of steering away from their faith and foundation.

There will be variations with little things here and there, but I know that our foundational goals remain the same -- to raise our kids to love God and be a blessing to others.

(See, no worries!)

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Every mother deserves the chance to make her own decisions for her child -- and that's exactly what Jessa is doing. Who knows, maybe some of her plans include incorporating more technology, or allowing little Spurgeon to enjoy some things she never got the chance to do when she was little.

We have no idea what's in store, but do hope Jessa snaps a few photos. (Spurge is too cute!)


Image via Jason Winslow / Splash News

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