Spurgeon Is Getting Bigger -- & Looking More Like Jessa Duggar (PHOTO)

Ben and Jessa (Duggar) SeewaldAnd the award for cutest baby ever goes to ... Come on, y'all know who we're talking about here! Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's son Spurgeon is so cuddly in this photo. And, you know what else? He's getting SO BIG!


This 5-month-old sure does know how to make us swoon. Anytime this kid stares into the camera -- and cracks that lovable smile -- it's hard not to squeal from delight.

A photo posted by Jessa Seewald (@jessaseewald) on

Doesn't he look like a good mix of Jessa and her hubby Ben?

(Sooo freakin' cute!)

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Spurgeon looks happy, healthy, and carefree -- we love it! We're happy to come over and play with ya any time you want, little man.

Great, now we have baby fever ...



Image via ben_seewald/Instagram

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