People Need to Chill About Hilary Duff's 'Inappropriate' School Drop-Off Outfit

hilary duffWhen it comes to what to wear to school drop-off, sometimes it seems like a mom just can't win -- even if she's Hilary Duff! The 28-year-old celeb recently posted a pic on Instagram of a super cute outfit she put together to drop her 4-year-old son Luca off at school, noting that the ensemble was a step up from her usual sweats and/or Lululemon, and can you guess what happened? Surprise! Commenters slammed her for being "inappropriate." Sheesh! Can a mom just live??


What was so scandalous about this particular wardrobe choice? According to commenters, the short shorts. Check it out:

She looks ah-mazing, right? Who cares how short her shorts are, with legs like those?! Except, as it turned out, so many people cared about her shorts, posting things like, “Pretty sure we wouldn’t be allowed in the school to drop off or pick up our kids if we wore this!” and, “I don’t know that the shorts are appropriate for school pick-up, and I definitely don’t think the outfit necessarily ‘goes together.’”

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Sour grapes much?? The worst part about the criticism is how clearly proud Hilary was about her new and improved drop-off outfit. Come on, she even asked other moms to try it out and tag her in their pics! Obviously she was pumped at the idea that she'd come up with a great-looking ensemble simple enough for anybody to pull off. Maybe she even thought she was starting a fashion revolution! Why would anyone be so critical and mean-spirited as to burst that triumphant mom bubble?

Actually, though, there's another worst part about the criticism Hilary received, which is this: Why, why, WHY do women continue to insist on shaming other moms for what they wear to drop their kids off at school in the morning?? Why in God's name does anybody care??

First of all, it's the morning, which is basically the most insane and exhausting time of day for the average mom. Getting your kid to school on time is hard enough without having to worry about your wardrobe choices offending other parents! Isn't the point that your kids are actually dressed and fed (and hopefully their teeth are brushed)?

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Personally, I've always refused to play into this insanity. Here is a partial list of things I've worn to drop my kids off at school that the fashion police would give me a life sentence for: 1. A jack-o-lantern T-shirt (in March). 2. My husband's Homer Simpson pajama pants. 3. A Snoopy T-shirt with a huge hole in the armpit and with the words "Happiness is a warm puppy" printed on it.

So as far as I'm concerned, Hilary looks freaking RUNWAY READY in her Instagram post. 

But honestly, that shouldn't matter. I would respect her as a mom just as much if she posted a pic of herself dropping Luca off in Homer Simpson pajama pants. (Or maybe I'd even respect her more!)


Image via hilaryduff/Instagram

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