Tiffani Thiessen Would Rather Breastfeed in a Bathroom Stall Than Out in Public

Tiffani Thiessen carries her coffee when departing the Today Show in NYC

The star of Dinner at Tiffani's just made an interesting admission -- and no, it does not include a Saved by the Bell reunion with Zack Morris where fans get to see if the two stayed married, had kids, and moved to Beverly Hills ... 90210, haha. (Sorry, had to do it.) Instead, the 42-year-old opened up about public breastfeeding -- specifically, Tiffani Thiessen says she'd rather nurse in a bathroom stall than in plain view of everyone else.


As much as Tiffani prides herself on breastfeeding (she still nurses her 9-month-old son Holt), the chances of catching this mama of two (Thiessen and her husband also have a 5-year-old girl named Harper) nursing her little man in public are slim.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Tiffani admitted to getting cold feet at the thought of public breastfeeding:

I think a woman should be able to breastfeed anywhere and everywhere. I do what I need to do, but usually in a restroom ... and sadly sit on a toilet and nurse my child.

Aww, not a public toilet, Tiffani. (Sorry, I have a thing about public restrooms.)

One can see why this public breastfeeding confession might be a little puzzling to some. After all, here we are in 2016; nursing mamas shouldn't be made to feel like second-class citizens, where they need to cower in some corner -- or a likely icky public bathroom -- in order to nurse their babies. 

Maybe Tiffani experienced a few stares (backlash, even), or maybe Mom just isn't about that public breastfeeding life -- which is okay, too.

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"At the same time, I don't judge women who ... sit at a dinner table and do it. ... It's just not me," Thiessan tells Us.

Look, if Tiffani Thiessen doesn't want to breastfeed in public, Tiffani Thiessen ain't gonna do it. (It's that simple.) Mothers should have the right to nurse or feed their children however they think is best or easiest -- and while I won't be joining Tiffani in an adjacent stall (did I mention how much I hate public bathrooms?), I won't shame her for making the choice to do so.

All of us have different comfort levels. So long as we have the freedoms to breastfeed wherever we want, it all comes down to a personal choice.



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