Adele DGAF About Mansplainers Who Pressure Women to Breastfeed

We have yet another reason to adore the amazingly adorable Adele. Not only is the mother-of-one on repeat on our iTunes play list, but Adele also clapped back at Jamie Oliver in her thinly veiled rant about breastfeeding during a concert at London's O2 Arena.


About a week ago, celeb chef and school cafeteria warrior Jamie Oliver told LBC radio that he wants to educate women about breastfeeding by helpfully explaining, "It's easy, it's more convenient, it's more nutritious, it's better, it's free." Because this man obviously knows how easy breastfeeding is.

There is nothing more annoying than dudes having an opinion on breastfeeding that isn't, "Whatever a woman wants, it's her decision" or, "Considering I cannot BF, I have nothing to say about it, but am happy to supply a mom delicious beverages and snacks while she is doing it."

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And Adele totally agrees with this -- when a fan asked her about "breastfeeding mummies" during a Q&A at her concert, she had some choice words about public pressure: "It’s f ** ing ridiculous, and all those people who put pressure on us, you can go f**k yourselves, all right?"

She says above: "No worse people who put pressure on ... Because it's hard. Some of us can't do it! I managed about nine weeks with my boobs."

She added, "Some of my mates got post-natal depression from the way those midwives were talking. Idiots."

She also went on to speak about her own breastfeeding experience: "Breastfeed if you can but don’t worry, [baby formula brand] Aptamil’s just as good. I mean, I loved it, all I wanted to do was breastfeed and then I couldn’t and then I felt like, 'If I was in the jungle now back in the day, my kid would be dead because my milk’s gone.'"

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I love when celebs speak up about breastfeeding, because I do think it helps reassure moms that it's awesome if they want to breastfeed, but they shouldn't feel bad if they can't do it for whatever reason. It would be nice if male celebs said the same instead of guilting moms into feeling bad if they can't breastfeed. Lots of women can't for whatever reason.

I think it's safe to say that Adele put Jamie Oliver right back in his place where he should be, rather than commenting on women breastfeeding. In the kitchen where he belongs. 


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