Jessa Duggar Is Upset That Baby Spurgeon Doesn't Know His Cousin Israel

Jessa Duggar SeewaldOne of the awesome things about having family you're close to is sharing in each other's life milestones. Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and her sister Jill (Duggar) Dillard are extremely close, and they have sons whom they hope will develop the same bond. With the Dillards in Central America on a mission trip, Jill and Jessa do their very best to stay in touch. Still, Jessa Seewald is sad that her son Spurgeon can't see Israel, his 11-month-old cousin.


Being seven months apart (baby Spurgeon is 4 months), one can only imagine all the fun Israel and Spurgie would have together. The walks, the baby chats, and those oh so fun playdates.

Jessa couldn't help but share her woes on her reality show, Jill and Jessa: Counting On. During a trip to the grocery store with her family, the 23-year-old wife and mom reflected on her beloved sister Jill's absence, and what it means for their children:

It's kinda sad for me knowing that, like, Izzy [Israel] and Spurgeon won't get to meet for quite a while. I know that if they [Jill and her family] were here, I would be with Jill quite a bit, I'm sure. Our babies are close in age, and it would just be really special.

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(Aww, insert frown face.) 

Thanks to the wonders of technology, however, Spurgeon and Israel get to see each other virtually, through video and shared photos.

Jessa admits:

But, for now, we're [Jill and Jessa] taking lots of videos and sending those back and forth as we have opportunity, and keeping up with the milestones that way.

Sounds like a plan!

Sometimes, you gotta do what you can to make things work. There's no denying these sisters' bond, and I'm happy to hear they're keeping up with each other -- even though distance separates them. Once Jill and her family get back from Central America this summer, I'm sure Israel and Spurgeon will have all the joy in the world playing with each other.

But, until then, keep up with those video chats.



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