Olivia Wilde's Toddler Is Having a Beyonce Birthday Party Because He's All About the #BeyHive

Actress Olivia Wilde

"Beyonce boobies!" This might sound like an odd phrase for someone to say, but for Olivia Wilde's son Otis, it's a nickname he'll happily yell free of shame. The almost 2-year-old boy can't get enough of Queen Bey and would likely put any member of the BeyHive to shame. (Otis earns a 10 on the Bey adoration meter.) During a recent appearance on Ellen, Olivia Wilde revealed her son's Beyonce birthday plans that will have you crazy in love.


Come April 20, Olivia and her fiancé Jason Sudeikis will host the party of all parties: a "Beyonce listening party appreciation dance off" in honor of their son Otis's second birthday.

No, this is for real.

After watching a few of Bey's music videos (hey, what's a mama to do when she's flying with a toddler and has to entertain him?), little Otis became enamoured with the queen -- and naturally needs a Beyonce-themed party.

You can't help but squeal at this cuteness. While it's probably hard for us to remember an earlier crush we had, a party like this will be a memory Otis can look back on for time to come.

Plus, we're talking about Beyonce here. She's the reigning diva of dips, catchy tracks, and getting you to bust a move on the dance floor. (Can I come, Otis?)

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I can't wait for my sons to have a crush on someone. Hmm, I wonder what their birthday party themes will be. (My 2-year-old loves the WWE Divas.)

Take lots of pictures, Olivia!



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