Blue Ivy Plays With Beyonce's Makeup & Shows Her Lipstick Game Is #Flawless (PHOTO)

If I had a dollar for every time each of my kids (yes, including my boys) got into my makeup, I would have so many dollars! And the adorable Blue Ivy proves she is just like every other kid by playing with her gorgeous mama's makeup in an adorable Instagram snap shared by Beyonce.


Check out the precious pic. Also? Beyonce's makeup organization game is strong! 

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It looks exactly like my makeup bag -- except mine is filled with broken eyeliners and eyeliner shavings and cracked compacts.

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As soon as my kids were old enough to toddle, they were always getting into my big-girl stuff and playing with it -- well, until I learned how to put it where they couldn't reach it. Kids love playing with makeup, and I never saw anything wrong with it. Yeah, I never let any of them leave the house with bright red lipstick, but inside the house -- who cares? 

Beyonce also shared a gorgeous snap of the henna art on her hands from when she filmed the Hymn for the Weekend music video, and it's probably a good idea little Blue didn't partake in this, because we all know how often toddlers need their hands washed -- and it probably would have ended up looking like a blurry mess! 

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I'm sure Beyonce thinks Blue is perfect without any makeup or rhinestones glued to her face, like we are all used to seeing her: 

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But I'm also sure Blue has a lot of fun getting into her mom's stuff, just like all of our kids do. 


Images via beyonce/Instagram

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