Jessica Biel on Taking Toddlers Out to Eat: Eeeeeeeek!

Jessica Biel

Once baby finally arrives, parents will naturally need to make a few adjustments. And one area that often jumps to the top of that list is eating out. It ain't easy eating out with a little one. New mom Jessica Biel's restaurant parenting confession is spot-on. And she's right: Dining with baby can be pretty "terrifying" at times.


... And possibly cause a cold sweat.

Speaking to E! News, the 33-year-old actress couldn't help but share her experiences trying to enjoy a meal out with her almost 1-year-old, Silas. (I guess husband Justin Timberlake singing sweet nothings doesn't help?)

Jessica does in fact dine out with Silas, but boy, does it come with a side order of worry, and an extra helping of fear.

You get to a place, you want to make sure the diners around you are not being bothered, you're full of anxiety, you're trying to go as fast as you can -- you don't enjoy it [dining out] at all.

Yeah, mama, we feel your pain.

At least Jessica hopes to create a family-friendly atmosphere with her new restaurant, Au Fudge. Now, that's a cool concept: Mommypreneurs providing dining experiences that make moms less nervous and less likely to want to pull out their hair.

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I dig it.

Before I had kids, I vowed not to be one of those parents who turns deaf to their screaming kid inside the restaurant. And, now that I am a mom of two (2-year-old and 9-month-old boys), I quickly realized that, sometimes, it happens (the screaming, not the deaf part).

Like Jessica, I try to be respectful of others around me -- and am not afraid to pack it up to go, should one of my kiddos decide he needs to perform a dramatic tantrum in the middle of the restaurant for all to see. (Thankfully, that rarely happens ... but I don't wait around to give one of them the floor. #Nottoday)

Dining out with kids can be hard. Parents want to be able to enjoy their free pieces of bread just like anyone else. Hopefully, moms and dads will have that opportunity to indulge in their appetizers and main course with a little bit of peace. (Toys and child entertainment go a long way.)

... But, should it not be possible, at least there's the infamous to-go box.




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