Naya Rivera Thanks Her Baby for Her 'Lopsided Boobs' -- We Feel You, Mama (PHOTO)

So many joys hit you when you become a mother that you don't always pay attention to the other stuff ... well, unless it happens to steal your thunder on the red carpet -- and possibly turn a few heads. Naya Rivera can't stop laughing at her lopsided boobs, which she says are all because of her 5-month-old son Josey.


The 29-year-old Glee alum couldn't help but poke a little fun at herself and, you know, that whole "mom boob" situation. Taking to Instagram, Naya fully embraced her uneven twins. After all, they do serve a more important purpose: feeding her little boy.

"Shout out to my son for the lopsided boobs. LOL #breastfeeding #momlife He is SO worth it," Naya wrote.

Yup, that right there is a common reality for many breastfeeding mamas. And real painful too -- if you happen to get backed up (yeah, not so fun).

You aren't alone, Naya!

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Shoot, I can remember breastfeeding my two boys and having a larger-than-life boobie in public. And let's not forget about those times when you get those oh-so-wonderful milk rings, haha.

Not sure if Naya could fit a breast pump inside her clutch (kidding), but it doesn't look that bad, girl.



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