Throwback Video Shows Jennifer Lopez Going Into Labor Exactly The Way You'd Expect -- #LikeaBoss

Jennifer Lopez

Actress Leah Remini blessed JLo fans with some serious throwback gold. Her video of Jennifer Lopez heading to give birth to her twins, Max and Emme, eight years ago provides a never-before-seen look into the star's life.


And, just to remind you, Jennifer is in labor ... like, when this video was rolling.

Yup, no big deal.


Rocking some serious stunna shades, Jennifer Lopez appears cool as a cucumber with her then-husband Marc Anthony by her side.

Jen's like, "Yeah, I gotta go have these twins, but how's my lip gloss?"

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Listen, I wish I'd looked this calm when I was in labor. And even though I delivered both kids naturally, I was still like, "OMG, I'm not going to make it to the hospital -- it's about to go down!"

Jennifer, I know you're a force and all (I'm a fan), but this video is like ... wow.

Now Jen, I know you're about your coins, girl. You might want to try to channel whatever essence you had in this video, bottle it up, and sell it. I'm sure there are plenty of expectant moms who would love to sashay into the delivery room.

Shoot, who needs Olivia Pope?




Image via Photo Image Press / Splash News

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