Pregnant Tess Holliday Looks Gorgeous In a Bikini Regardless of What Size She Is (PHOTO)

Model Tess Holliday is wearing a bikini when she is six months pregnant. OMG, OMG, you guys! This is such a HUGE deal! Well, except, it isn't ...


I know, I know, it wasn't too long ago when the majority of women, regardless of size, wouldn't wear a two-piece to the beach or to the pool. Much less a size 24 woman. Much, much less a size 24, six-months-pregnant woman. But is this really something that everyone should be (still) celebrating? Is this newsworthy? 

6 Months preggo today (& still slayin') ��� #FUCKyourbeautystandards

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Here's the thing. I love Holliday. She's gorgeous and she's done a lot (along with so many others in the fatosphere!) for championing beauty at any size and #f*ckyourbeautystandards and putting herself out there in the great big world as a great big human who thinks that she should be allowed to inhabit the earth in the body she has. I one-gazillion-percent agree with that. Humans, regardless of size and weight, should never be made to feel less than or scrutinized for the body they live in. They should all be able to go to the pool and slay in whatever the hell swimwear they choose. Which is why when a woman, pregnant or not, wears a bikini and posts a photo of it, I refuse to get all giddy about it. 

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There is nothing shameful about being the size Tess Holliday is. There is certainly nothing shameful about being the size Holliday is and being pregnant. But I can almost promise she has been on the receiving end of a lot of concern-trolling about being pregnant at her size, from not only the general public but also from her doctor as well. Newsflash: Plus-size woman are totally capable of having completely normal, uneventful pregnancies. I'm sure she understands the risks being overweight while pregnant and how they may (or may not) affect her pregnancy. But more so than this, I think looking at a photo like this and proclaiming Tess brave or revolutionary does as much harm as being critical of a photo like this does.

I think the time has come when we, the collective we, the human we, see a photo like this and view it as no-big. Because it's not. It's just a beautiful pregnant lady in a bathing suit by a pool. No more or less than any other pregnant lady in a bikini by a pool. So even though I still applaud Tess for fighting the good fight and f-cking all of our beauty standards, I am ready for the time when a photo like this only elicits comments like "where did you get your bathing suit?" 

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