This Photo of Joey Feek Making Family Dinner From Her Hospice Bed Is All Kinds of Inspiring

Joey Feek

When it comes to her family, a mother will do anything and everything in her power to keep fighting. Country singer Joey Feek may have been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer, but she's not letting it keep her from doing the things she loves. As simple as cooking can be, the fact that Joey Feek is making dinner from her bed is nothing short of amazing.


Where there is will, a mother will always find a way.

There's simply no way to not root for Joey, her husband Rory Feek, and their family. The 40-year-old wife and mother (Joey and Rory have a 22-month-old daughter named Indiana) was determined to whip up a tasty dinner -- and if that means doing it from her hospice bed, then dang it, Joey's going to make it happen from her hospice bed.

when a mother can't get to the kitchen to help make her family dinner... you bring the kitchen to mama.

Posted by Joey and Rory on Sunday, February 21, 2016

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I'm in awe of Joey, and the fight she continues to show. Goodness knows I can't even begin to imagine what families do when faced with a terminal diagnosis. There's so much strength and determination that Joey displays, it's hard not to get a little emotional.

Joey, I hope your family has many more wonderful memories. You're such an inspiration!



Image via roryandjoey/Instagram

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