Charlize Theron's 4-Year-Old Has Public Tantrum & Now She's a Horrible Mother

Charlize Theron

Since when does a snapshot of a moment in time automatically tell the entire story? Paparazzi photos of Charlize Theron "dragging her son"  surfaced recently that have some calling her "Monster Mom" and second-guessing her parenting skills. It's obvious the 40-year-old had some trouble with her 4-year-old boy Jackson, but does that warrant an automatic call to social services?


Give me a freaking break.

Now, I'll admit, the idea of someone dragging his or her child is quite disturbing. I think the average person (with a heart) is not for child abuse. But this, at least to me, isn't child abuse.

In fact, it looks like just another day trying to deal with two kids when you're outnumbered.

Apparently, Charlize had to end her son's dance class early due to his tantrum. With her baby girl August in tow, Mom obviously had a showdown with a toddler. At one point, you see Jackson try to make a run for it while Charlize tries to strap her daughter in the car seat.

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What's comical is that a magazine got a family psychiatrist (yes, they did) to analyze the pictures -- though they conveniently left out the ones that show the whole story, but whatever -- who gave some play-by-play analysis on how Charlize could parent better in this situation.

"She's got to find out what's on his mind by asking him and letting him talk about his feelings," this expert recommends.


I'm sorry, but who has time to stop and ask about feelings when your 4-year-old is running toward the street?!


Thankfully, other parents aren't throwing stones of judgment at Charlize and have actually come to her defense.

"If only EVERY parent was photographed at their worst. Give her a break. Parenting is hard. No need to judge her," wrote one woman.

"Not one of these photos looks like she's dragging him. A tantrum in a parking lot is dangerous. She is doing her job as a mom," mentioned another commenter.

"You pretty much insulted every mom in the world except for those who let their kids run into traffic," noted another woman.

Parenting isn't always easy. There will be times when we need to be stern and do what's necessary to protect the well-being of our child. Please don't misunderstand, this in no way condones abuse. I just think folks need to not make such snap judgments about a situation.

As a mommy of 2-year-old and 8-month-old boys, I have been here. I have seen other moms in stores here, and rather than vilify them, I send over a "May the force be with you" look to show they aren't alone.

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Keep your head up, Charlize. I'm sure you're doing your best!

Good grief ...




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