10 Lessons Chrissy Teigen Can Teach Us All About Smokin' Hot Maternity Style (PHOTOS)

10 Lessons Chrissy Teigen Can Teach Us All About Smokin' Hot Maternity Style (PHOTOS)

chrissy teigenCeleb maternity style clearly has a new star, and her name is ... Chrissy Teigen! Since announcing her pregnancy with husband John Legend a few months back, Chrissy has hit a series of maternity style home runs. From form-fitting tank dresses to fun, flirty accessories, there's no question that Chrissy's making the mom-to-be thing work for her wardrobe -- and by following her lead, even non-celeb mamas can do the same!

Nearly every outfit the model and Lip Sync Battle star steps out in offers a lesson in preggers style. Click through these pics to see what we mean!


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  • Embrace the Bump


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    Dressing for early pregnancy is tricky, with most outfits leaving people to wonder if that newly round tummy is hiding a baby or just a burrito. Not so with the form-fitting dress Chrissy wore while walking her dog at home in NYC shortly after announcing her big news: That's a baby bump, all right! 

  • Be a Good Sport


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    It's tough not to feel somewhat out of shape when you're pregnant. Beat the "I've been too tired and queasy to get off the couch" blues with some sporty maternity gear like this gym-friendly ensemble Chrissy wore while furniture shopping West Hollywood!

  • Block It Out


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    What better way to show off those brand new pregnancy curves than with a little color-blocking? Chrissy made a preggers stroll through LAX look chic thanks to this tasteful two-toned ensemble!

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  • Build Your Own Empire


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    Ah, the empire waist -- a fashionable friend to expectant moms for decades! Extra points to Chrissy's lacy black dress for managing to make this classic silhouette modern and sleek!

  • Don't Be Afraid to Shine


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    Sure, black is great when you're feeling bloated, but no pregnant mom should feel like she's not allowed to draw a little attention to her fabulous form! Find inspiration in Chrissy's golden glam when you're feeling blah! 

  • Go to the Dark Side


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    Okay, we just told moms-to-be that they shouldn't be afraid to shine in bold colors -- but there are still times when the sleek sophistication of a long, lean black dress like this one is the absolute perfect fit! 

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  • Back Off


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    After a while, having everybody stare at your front can get tiresome. Diverting their attention to your other side with a plunging back like this one is a brilliant strategy as far as we're concerned!

  • Get a Leg Up


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    Not comfortable in a crop top now that you're smuggling a basketball? Show off a different part of your anatomy instead, like Chrissy did in these distressed Daisy Dukes! (Looks like she's getting some good mommy practice in, too.)

  • Bag It


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    Sometimes it's nice for moms-to-be to have a little privacy (as in, a way to stop people from touching your bump without asking!). An eye-catching bag like this one is both big enough to use as a belly shield and pretty enough to make people forget that you're using your bag as, well, a belly-shield!

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  • Wrap It Up


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    Looks like Chrissy's borrowing a page from pal Kim Kardashian's maternity style page here, and with good reason. A loose, neutral wrap like this one provides exactly what every pregnant lady wants most: It's long enough to cover any rapidly expanding areas in the rear (ahem), but it still showcases the curves you'd rather have on display!

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