10 Times Kate Hudson Showed What Real Life as a Mom Is All About (PHOTOS)

Sometimes it's tough for those of us without round-the-clock nannies and a closet full of toddler couture to relate to celebrity moms, but there is at least one rich and famous mama who seems to truly understand what real life as a mom is all about: Kate Hudson. The 36-year-old mom of two boys (12-year-old Ryder and 4-year-old Bingham) really seems to embrace parenthood in all its messy, crazy glory -- and she's got the pics to prove it!


Indeed, despite her status as second-generation Hollywood royalty, Hudson deals with the same challenges of everyday motherhood the rest of us do. Here are 10 times she totally channeled our lives as non-celeb moms:

1. When she acted like a goofball to entertain her bored kid.

We've all been there: stuck in an airport with nothing to do and a kid who's ready to climb the walls. Kate's ingenious solution? Make an impromptu mother/son music video to Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen," of course.

2. When she let her kid watch cartoons at the breakfast table for the sake of a peaceful morning meal.

Yeah, yeah, screen time limits, blah blah blah. If an iPad and some oatmeal are what it takes for a gal to drink her coffee in peace (on the morning of the Golden Globes, no less), then so be it!

3. When she dropped everything to snuggle with her two best guys.

Kate's caption on this post says it all: 

"In this home... We do second chances. We do real. We do mistakes. We do I'm sorry's. We do LOUD REAL WELL. We do hugs. We do TOGETHER best of all."

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4. When she gave up and let the kids stay up all night at a sleepover.

It's a lesson every parent learns at some point or another: Sleepovers don't actually involve sleep -- like, at all. Don't even try to fight it!

5. When she played the "cool mom" card and took her kids to a hot-ticket concert.

Sure, Kate's boys both have famous musicians for dads (Ryder's father is Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes and Bingham's papa is Matt Bellamy of Muse), but that doesn't mean the magic of a little live Taylor Swift was lost on them!

TSwift with my boys �� � @taylorswift #SuchFun #LovesOfMyLife

A photo posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on

6. When she realized that OMG, her kid's feet are big enough to swap shoes!

"Hide your cool kicks," indeed! 

7. When she got all sappy on social media over her kid's birthday.


8. When she taught her kid about the importance of giving back.

We all try our best to encourage our kids to do the right thing -- in Kate's case, that means traveling to Mexico to help the hearing impaired! Nicely done!

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9. When she modified her workout to mommy mode.

Have a good ride, Bing!! Wheee!

Workin' it out with my Bing Man! @fabletics #londonheatwave #strollerworkout #SevanSportsBra

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10. When she took co-parenting with her ex to the next level.

Holidays can be rough on divorced families, but a go-with-the-flow attitude like Kate's sure can help!


Image via Jenna Blake/Corbis

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