Fess Up -- If You Could Hire a Night Nurse Like Chrissy Teigen Is Doing, You Totally Would

Chrissy Teigen

Any mom will tell you that making the transition from expectant mother to mama with a newborn can be hard. Between the sleepless nights, the constant feedings, and those wonderful diaper changes, it's such a miracle that a mom or dad can even function at all. This is one of the reasons why Chrissy Teigen plans on hiring a night nurse -- and for that, I say more power to ya, girl.


Speaking candidly with US Weekly, the 30-year-old celeb revealed that she and hubby John Legend have every intention of scoring a night nurse when their baby girl arrives sometime this spring. Chrissy says it's one of the most-recommended pieces of parenting advice she's received.

I know the concept of a celebrity hiring someone to take care of her kid would warrant an eye roll, but can I keep it real for a minute?

I would totally do the same thing.

There are tons of reasons why a family will incorporate a night nurse into the mix. Maybe there's no nearby support system. Maybe your partner works nights and doesn't have parental leave. Or, maybe you're beyond tired, admit that you need help, and want to put a little cash in someone else's pocket -- who's willing to make life a little easier for you.

Whatever your answer is, I'm not here to judge.

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Knowing what I know now -- and having two babies 16 months apart -- oh, you better believe I would hire a few extra hands. Sorry, but there's no special medal or badge of honor you receive for doing everything yourself. Trust me, I've looked in my mailbox each day for the one you get for having a natural childbirth (there's sarcasm in there).

It's not coming.

When our second son came eight months ago, my husband and I were both dog-tired. Trying to figure out our life as a party of four, we were thrown back into the realities of raising a newborn. Sure, it wasn't our first rodeo. We knew what to expect, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't have loved the help.

Hell, we would've enjoyed having a night nurse after our first son was born, if it was an affordable option. Seriously, would you say no to someone who could take care of diaper changes, and bring LO to and from your bed for all those feedings? God bless my husband for doing it, but even he isn't an Energizer Bunny.

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Plus, a night nurse is a third party who's typically neutral. She isn't your own mom or mother-in-law who may or may not try to interject her way of life in ... everything.

And kudos if you don't have this issue (I'm not admitting anything).

Sady, there's so much judgment that comes with the mom territory. If you have the money to employ help -- and it makes you feel rested so you can be the best version of you -- you aren't going to get kicked down by me.



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