Ciara Sues Ex for $15 Million for Saying She's a Bad Mom


To say things are ... strained between Ciara and Future would be very generous. The "relationship" between the R&B songstress and the rapper is a hot mess, with things only getting worse. The once-engaged couple, who broke up in August 2014, have a 20-month-old son together -- but can't seem to come to some middle ground. And now that Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against Future, you have to assume that won't make things better.



I guess you could say Ciara had enough, and wants Future to pay for all the things he's said about her -- and likely about her boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson -- on social media.

The 30-year-old singer's $15 million dollar lawsuit appears to be for defamation and slander. Apparently, Cici's last straw of patience broke last month, when Future used Twitter to rant about Ciara, and about seeing his son.

This b---- got control problems…

I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture...the f--kery for 15k a month. I jus want babyfuture that's all…I been silent for a year & a half..I ran outta patience.

This is so sad, and such a damn shame on so many levels. I don't even know where to start -- but I'm gonna try.

Obviously I don't know Ciara or Future personally, but you, dear Future, are all sorts of wrong. And before you clap back, it's not because you're the guy. Truth be told, there are tons of men out here taking care of their business, who deserve more parental rights than the courts allow.

BUT -- you know one thing they probably don't do? Take to social media and run their former love's name through the mud (including referring to the mother of their child as a b----) and do interviews and spill the details about why it ended.

At least in the public eye, Ciara has been pretty quiet -- which is something all parties involved need to be, for the sake of the couple's toddler, Future Jr.

Does no one realize that what you put on the Internet can't be erased, even if you delete it?

Now, maybe Future is still in his feelings (and rightfully so, to some) that Ciara introduced their child to a new love interest so quickly. But come on, that's talk for behind closed doors.

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And now this crazy lawsuit. Ciara, girl ... I understand you want to shut Future up once and for all, but $15 million dollars?

That's a lot of money, honey!

It's such a shame things had to come to this! I feel so bad for baby Future, as he'll grow up knowing that his mother and father had issues co-parenting that mirror a soap opera, or a reality TV show.

While I am married and have never been divorced, my parents did officially call it quits when I was 5. Thankfully, they were able to put whatever differences they had aside so they could focus on my best interests. Sure, there were likely times when they wanted to reenact War of the Roses, but they didn't want me growing up around a mess -- or resenting one of them.

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I can only imagine how difficult it can be to try to co-parent with someone, especially if he or she is showing off online, telling all your business, or has some serious issues.

There has to come a point, however, when you look at your child and think to yourself, You know what, my ex isn't worth my time of day, but out of the love I have for our kid, I will take the high road.

But, hey, maybe that's worth $15 million? (I don't know.)

I'll cross my fingers that Ciara and Future can get it together for the sake of their son. I strongly believe both of them know it wasn't little Future's fault for their split, so he shouldn't have to suffer with so much back and forth mess.

But, that's likely easier said than done ...



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