Kim Kardashian Reveals Which Parent Saint West Really Looks Like

kim kardashianThe seemingly endless wait to see Saint West's face continues, but in the meantime, mama Kim Kardashian is finally dropping some hints about which parent her baby boy looks like. In a livestream on her website and app on Friday, Kim addressed little "Sainty" (being held off-camera by Uncle Rob) and admitted that not only is he "so cute," but those good looks just might be from the Kardashian branch of the family tree!


"He's so cute, you guys, you have no idea," Kim said of Saint before calling on Rob to give his opinion: 

"He looks kinda like just like me, don't you think?" she asked. "He's so cute -- he looks just like me!"

"Jk, jk, guys," she added, in a belated attempt at humility.

Hey Kim, no need to be modest! She's got some pretty stunning genes to pass down, after all, and everybody knows she and Kanye make seriously gorgeous babies. But this could still be huge news (you know, as far as cute celeb kids news goes). Because North West is generally considered to be a tiny female version of dad Kanye, so if Saint took after Kim, it would only be fair -- not to mention adorable! 

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But perhaps the most remarkable thing about this livestream wasn't Kim's comments about Saint's looks at all. Because the other off-camera star of this show, as we mentioned, was Rob Kardashian. Rob "I was pretty much a hermit for the past year or so and then I got really sick and now I'm dating my sister's boyfriend's babymama who just got arrested" Kardashian. And over the past few years, as faithful KUWTK fans know, Kim and Rob haven't always gotten along all that well; while Khloe has bent over backwards to help her little brother, Kim's been more in favor of a tough love approach and has even called Rob out in the media for being lazy and overweight. So the fact that they're now bonding over the new baby is truly touching, and hopefully a sign that Rob is ready to get his life back on track! (Hey, maybe Blac Chyna is a good influence after all?)

Maybe Kim's next livestream will include an actual glimpse of Saint's face! (Hint, hint.)

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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