Mariah Carey's 4-Year-Old Uses a Pacifier ... Why Are You Mad?

Mariah Carey

Holy parenting taboo, Batman, we've got ourselves a scandal! While we're off looking for Olivia Pope and Shonda Rhimes, you be the judge: Do you think it's bad that Mariah Carey's son is still using a pacifier? The Internet seems to think so.


No one can deny how cute Moroccan and his sister Monroe are. The 4-year-old twins are the apples of Mariah Carey and her almost-ex-husband Nick Cannon's eyes.

But folks don't seem to care about how adorable they are. They want answers as to why Moroccan is still using a binky!

Movie night! #RocThinksHesOnARollerCoaster

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"I KNOW her son does NOT have a damn pacifier in his mouth? Smdh. If so, He is too damn big smh, she oughta be ashamed if so," wrote an angry fan.

"And take that thing out of his life already! Stop being so lazy and not wanting to deal with weening him off...What the hell else do you have to do that's soooooooo important that child rearing doesn't fit in the schedule???" questioned another commenter.

Well, all righty then.

I'm so thankful that both of my kids (I have 2-year-old and 8-month-old boys) never used a pacifier -- and that's not because I'm afraid of mean people that hide behind their keyboards. It just looks like parents have such a hard time trying to get their kid to stop using one.

I can only imagine the frustration!

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Now, as far as Mariah Carey -- including her children, and their business -- go, people should chillax. Yes, I have also heard about the disadvantages of kids using a pacifier, but I'm not about to call this woman everything, except a child of God, because I may or may not disagree with her parenting choice.

I'm sure Mariah and Nick will decide when they think Moroccan needs to kick his habit.

But until then, just say "dem babies" are cute, and keep it moving.



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