Coco Austin's 2-Month-Old Baby Got Her Ears Pierced & the Parenting Police Are Out in Full Force

Coco Austin just got her 2-month-old baby Chanel Nicole's ears pierced, and a whole mess of Instagram users are none too happy about it. 


First of all, let's look at little Chanel Nicole because she is such a little cutie pie. I swear, this baby always looks like she is going somewhere. I'm not sure she ever wears just a onesie or something. 


Guess who got their ears pierced today.. Outfit @ittybittytoes

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) onFeb 3, 2016 at 5:35pm PST


And here's a close-up of her little face, awwwwww.


Portrait of a happy baby

A photo posted by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) onFeb 3, 2016 at 6:12pm PST


And now to ruin your fun of looking at the cute baby, here's what her followers are saying about her new piercings: 

did u ever think of what you're doing to your child. Who wants holes in their body?

And Hashtag Stupid:

You sure like to dish out the remarks when someone makes a valid point. Yet none of your points show me any intelligence or intellect. Children don't need to be hurt as babies. Let them choose on their own. What if she hates earrings and never wanted them. Too late someone already made the choice for her. And it's exactly the same as other piercings. Just widely accepted in our community. In African communities they shove bone fragments in their noses, and genitals. That wouldn't be allowed here? So sorry, I'm not stupid , #stupid

And of course someone drags circumcision into it: 

boys are circumcised for religious and cleanliness reasons and because it is incredibly painful to do in adulthood. A circumcised male is less likely to get UTIs and to contract and spread STDs including HIV- ears are pierced for THE VANITY of the parents, can lead to ear infections which could in a worst case scenario cause deafness in the child and can be done in adulthood (or on an older child) with no increased pain whatsoever at a minimized risk. There's a pretty huge difference

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Blah blah blah. I'm gonna go with this user who simply posted: 

Some people need to mind their own damn business, it is her child not yours.

I'm not sure why this affects anyone. Coco and Ice-T are obviously great parents -- I mean, all they day is coo over their daughter and take her everywhere and post a million snaps on social media and fawn over her. Why don't we save the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching over kids who are abused or hungry or homeless? Now, that's something to get upset over.


Image via babychanelnicole/Instagram

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