'Glee' Alum Naya Rivera Shows Off Insane Post-Baby Abs in Latest Instagram (PHOTO)

Are six-pack abs the new postpartum physique? Naya Rivera is turning heads with her super toned post-baby bod -- including a sculpted tummy that might make JLo take a few notes. Can you believe Naya gave birth five months ago?


"Werk. It. Out."

The 29-year-old Glee alum and her husband welcomed their son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, on September 17. And while you might assume many new moms would be taking time to catch their breath and adjust to their new normal, Naya Rivera has clearly been keeping busy in the gym.

Yaaassss! Werk. It. Out. #fitmom @spingalnichelle

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Even Nichelle Hines, an instructor at Cycle House and personality on Hollywood Cycle, had to praise Naya for her post-pregnancy figure on Instagram:

"Her baby is 4 1/2 months old!!! She eats right, rides hard and trains hard. Hard work and dedication make anything possible. What'd you do this Monday???"

Is it me, or does it seem like a good amount of moms are in a rush after having their child to show off a slim body? Don't get me wrong: Naya -- and others who stay dedicated to their fitness goals -- look amazeballs! I'm a self-professed "gym rat" and love working out, but my version of "clean eating" involves licking my plate, haha.

Fitness and a balanced diet are awesome, and can only do wonders for you in the stress management and health department. I just hope that moms don't feel pressured to "snap back" so quickly. My doctor cleared me to work out a couple of weeks after both of my pregnancies (with moderation, of course) -- but I was more interested in how exercising made me feel, rather than whether or not I could post a selfie that showed me in better shape than I was when I was carrying one of my kids.

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And don't misunderstand, I'm in no way saying Naya is doing this. I'm just noticing a trend that might discourage new mommies who are doing what they can and are struggling -- or who don't have the time or finances to dedicate to the cause.

Thank goodness I'm not about that Hollywood life. I can't imagine the pressure many new mothers have on them to look a certain way right after baby.

Looking good, Ma!



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