Holly Madison Is Pregnant With Baby #2

holly madisonWith her daughter Rainbow Aurora already 2 years old (almost 3!), Holly Madison is having another baby. Madison and her husband, promoter Pasquale Rotella, sure like to get creative with baby names, so this countdown to baby is extra exciting.


The Playboy model is adding to her brood just like fellow Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson. Kendra has two kids -- a boy and a girl -- and we can all takes guesses on what Holly's second baby will be, but we can trust that the child's name isn't going to be on any "most popular" list. Also, it seems the feud between Kendra and Holly isn't over, so I'm going to stop comparing -- they probably dealt with that enough while in the Playboy mansion.

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I really love her baby naming style -- Rainbow Aurora is a gorgeous name, and while I know there are some out there who prefer to go a more traditional route, I'm more of a fan of unusual names. My daughter just told me the other day that she wishes I named her Rainbow. (She loves unicorns, so it's very fitting.) I hope Holly's little Rainbow grows up to love her name. If not, Rain is a good way to go.

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Which leads us to guesses on what this little one will be named and when we can expect his or her arrival. I'm thinking we may see an early fall arrival, and while I doubt the child will be named Pegasus, I wouldn't rule out Sunshine or Forrest.


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

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