21 Outrageous Celebrity Baby Scandals

21 Outrageous Celebrity Baby Scandals

From secret love children to public paternity challenges, ugly child-support battles, extramarital affairs culminating in pregnancies, and women abandoned while pregnant, there has been no shortage of baby-related scandals in Hollyweird, proving celebrities really are just as flawed, troubled, and dysfunctional as the rest of us. 

Kourtney Kardashian spent years dismissing unfounded rumors that Scott Disick wasn't the real father of her son Mason. Eddie Murphy and Mel B sparred publicly throughout the latter's pregnancy as the Raw comedian questioned the legitimacy of her paternity claims. And who can forget the half-sister Beyoncé discovered she has in 2014? Check out some of the most controversial, surprising, bizarre, heartbreaking, and truly outrageous celebrity baby scandals over the years.


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  • Linda Evangelista & François Henri-Pinault


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    Supermodel Linda Evangelista and actress Salma Hayek have kids the same age by French billionaire François-Henri Pinault -- a fact that was not publicly known until Evangelista took him to court for child support in an ugly trial. Pinault admitted that he'd ended things with Evangelista after she announced she was pregnant, and asked her to have an abortion in January 2006. Pinault began dating Hayek four months later and their daughter Valentina was conceived later that year. Hayek and Pinault wed in 2009. 

  • Mel B. & Eddie Murphy


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    There was nothing funny about the way comedian Eddie Murphy handled ex-girlfriend Mel B's claims that she was carrying his baby back in 2006. That December, Murphy went on a Dutch TV show and said, "I don't know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test."  A humiliated, the former Spice Girl emerged victorious when, in June 2007, DNA testing confirmed that Angel Iris was Murphy's child. A bitter child support and custody battle followed when Murphy later claimed Mel B had tricked him into being a dad.

  • Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva


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    When photos of star Mel Gibson canoodling with Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva hit the tabloids in 2009, Gibson's wife of 30 years and the mother of his seven children, Robyn Moore, filed for divorce. Later that year, Grigorieva and Gibson welcomed their baby girl Lucia, and karma came back to haunt Gibson: his divorce was one of the costliest in Hollywood history, and his acrimonious split from Grigorieva in 2010 (which included mutual restaining orders) further tainted his public image.

  • Elizabeth Hurley & Stephen Bing


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    Millionaire movie producer Stephen Bing was not a happy camper in 2001, when his ex-girlfriend, British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley, announced he'd put a bun in her oven. Bing cast doubt on the legitimacy of her paternity claims, saying they'd been non-exclusive throughout their 18-month relationship. Months of mud-slinging ensued. Finally, in July 2002, Hurley enjoyed a told-you-so moment when DNA tests confirmed that Bing was, in fact, son Damian's father.

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  • Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman


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    In July 2013, news surfaced that former American Idol judge Simon Cowell was expecting a baby with his good friend's wife, Lauren Silverman. The pregnancy was not the result of a one-night stand but a full-blown, four-year-long affair. So much for keeping a bro code! Since Silverman's divorce in 2013, the couple has been inseparable. Their son Eric was born on Valentine's Day 2014.

  • Ludacris


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    "Pimpin' All Over The World" rapper Ludacris was certainly not home licking his wounds while on break from his longtime girlfriend and current spouse Eudoxie back in 2013. Instead, things got a bit too fast and too furious between Luda and high school friend Tameka Fuller, leading to their love child Cai Bridges being born later that year. Eudoxie forgave her man's indiscretions and married him in 2014. 

  • Jude Law


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    No stranger to controversy, British actor Jude Law made headlines in 2009 when rumors of a love child began bubbling. That July, the Sherlock Holmes actor released a statement admitting he was poised to become a father that autumn. In September, model Samantha Burke gave birth to Law's fourth child, a baby girl named Sophia. Law did not meet his daughter until March 2010, when he ventured to Miami, lawyers in tow, to see 6-month-old Sophia and hash out custody and child support details.

  • Jack Nicholson & Anjelica Huston


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    From 1973 to 1989, movie stars Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston reigned as one of Hollywood's most powerful and beloved couples. Their romance ended in heartache, however, when Huston learned that Nicholson had been unfaithful and was expecting a love child with model/actress Rebecca Broussard. In her 2014 memoir Watch Me, Huston described feeling "inadequate and bitter" at the time, as she suffered from fertility problems stemming from endometriosis.

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  • Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade


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    While allegedly taking a "hiatus" from longtime love Gabrielle Union in early 2013, hoops star Dwyane Wade hooked up with another woman  and wound up with a third son, Xavier, that November. Six weeks later, Wade popped the question to Gabriellle Union, causing some to speculate about whether the NBA player was trying to do some major damage control. Whatever the case, Union accepted his proposal and the couple jumped the broom in August 2014.

  • Hugh Grant


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    Hugh Grant gets around! In the span of just 15 months, the actor fathered three children with two different women. He welcomed his first child, Tabitha, in September 2011 with lover Tinglang Hong. Four months later, Hong was pregnant again, giving birth to Grant's son Felix in December 2012. Yet, in January 2014, news of a third love child surfaced: a boy, Hugh John, born in September 2012 to Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein. Not only were the women pregnant simultaneously, but both lived within walking distance of Grant's London townhouse. How convenient!

  • Lil' Wayne


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    In 2008, while serving an eight-month jail sentence in New York, rapper Lil' Wayne (already a father of four children by four women) was slapped with a paternity suit. The judge presiding over the case delayed DNA testing until the rapper's release. The case slipped through the cracks and, in 2014, Wayne's alleged baby mama filed yet another paternity suit in Miami. In March 2015, as the case was headed to trial, Brown mysteriously dropped the suit. 

  • Kourtney Kardashian


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    Keeping up with the Kardashians is hard, but keeping up with their drama is even harder! In August 2013, model Michael Girgenti filed a paternity suit against Kourtney Kardashian, claiming that he was the father of her then-3-year-old son Mason — not Scott Disick — an allegation he'd made in the media for years. Girgenti's claims were finally disproved later that month, when DNA results proved Disick to be Mason's father.

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  • Bow Wow


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    After months of crying foul whenever gossip sites claimed he'd fathered a secret child, rapper Bow Wow came clean to fans. In July 2011, he took to his website to confess that he was, indeed, a new dad. In his website post, Bow Wow gushed about his daughter Shai, who was born in April 2011, and said he'd kept her existence a secret out of fear of how his fans might respond. The child's mom is video vixen Joie Chavis.

  • Mary-Louise Parker & Billy Crudup


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    Actor Billy Crudup certainly alienated most of his female fans when, in 2003, he left his girlfriend of eight years, Weeds' Mary-Louise-Parker, for his Stage Beauty co-star Claire Danes. Adding insult to injury, Parker was seven months pregnant at the time with their son William, now 12.

  • Gavin Rossdale


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    In 2004, just two years after exchanging vows with pop star Gwen Stefani in a lavish London wedding, Gavin Rossdale took a paternity test that revealed his teenaged goddaughter, British model Daisy Lowe, was also his biological daughter. The child was conceived during a short-lived fling between the Bush frontman and singer Pearl Lowe in the 1980s. Stefani stood by her husband's side and the two went on to have three children together before separating after Stefani allegedly after learned of an affair between Rossdale and their sons' nanny.

  • Justin Bieber


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    Singer Justin Bieber has amassed more paternity allegations than regular folks do parking tickets. In November 2011, Californian Mariah Yeater came forward claiming the singer fathered her 3-month-old baby. Her paternity case was swiftly dropped after Bieber agreed to take a DNA test. Then, in 2013, another woman claimed she became pregnant with Bieber's child after a one-night stand in Miami four years earlier. All claims have all proven false -- that we know of -- and the "Baby" singer remains, well, baby-free!

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  • Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan


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    NFL star Tom Brady wasted no time moving from one beautiful woman to the next. Weeks after his breakup with actress Bridget Moynahan in December 2006, he was cavorting with supermodel Gisele Bundchen. At the same time, Moynahan learned she was pregnant. Their son, John, was born in August 2007. Bundchen later admitted that, at the time, she thought, 'Should I run away?' but opted to continue exploring the then-nascent relationship.

  • Chris Brown


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    Chris Brown's on-and-off again girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, received quite the surprise in March 2015 when TMZ published a report that the "Run It!" singer had fathered a love child with another woman and that the little girl, Royalty, was already 10 months old. Though the pregnancy wasn't planned, Brown seems to be enjoying fatherhood. He named his latest album after Royalty and can be seen holding the adorable child in album's the cover photo.

  • Mick Jagger


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    Even with gorgeous Jerry Hall by his side, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger could get no satisfaction. After a string of infidelities over the course of their 22-year relationship, Hall called it quits in May 1999, when she found out — via a newspaper article, no less! — that Jagger had  welcomed a love child, Lucas, with Brazilian model Luciana Morad just days earlier.

  • Mathew Knowles


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    Beyoncé and Solange learned they had two secret siblings that resulted from their father Mathew's infidelities. In 2009, rumors swirled that Mathew was getting frisky with Scrubs actress Alexsandra Wright and that she was pregnant with his child. DNA tests proved the rumor true, and led to the dissolution of his 30-year marriage to Tina Knowles. In 2014, lingerie model TaQoya Branscomb came forward, claiming she'd become pregnant in 2010, after a fling with Mathew. A paternity test confirmed that, as well. Talk about a tangled web!

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  • Michael Jackson and Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson II


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    In November 2002, the late Michael Jackson made headlines when he dangled his nine-month-old son, Prince Michael II, over the balcony of his hotel room in Berlin, covering the infant's head with a towel as he greeted a crowd of fans. The incident led to widespread criticism --  especially by those who questioned whether the King of Pop was fit to be a parent given the molestation charges brought against him in 1993 and in 2005 and his admission that he didn't think anything was wrong with his sometimes sleeping in the same bed as children he hosted at his Neverland Ranch.

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