21 Outrageous Celebrity Baby Scandals

From secret love children to public paternity challenges, ugly child-support battles, extramarital affairs culminating in pregnancies, and women abandoned while pregnant, there has been no shortage of baby-related scandals in Hollyweird, proving celebrities really are just as flawed, troubled, and dysfunctional as the rest of us. 

Kourtney Kardashian spent years dismissing unfounded rumors that Scott Disick wasn't the real father of her son Mason. Eddie Murphy and Mel B sparred publicly throughout the latter's pregnancy as the Raw comedian questioned the legitimacy of her paternity claims. And who can forget the half-sister Beyoncé discovered she has in 2014? Check out some of the most controversial, surprising, bizarre, heartbreaking, and truly outrageous celebrity baby scandals over the years.


Image via Fred Prouser/Reuters/Corbis


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