Tracy Morgan Says 2-Year-Old Daughter Is the Reason He's Walking Again (VIDEO)

Tracy Morgan (left) with daughter and wife
Whether you were a fan of his on SNL or 30 Rock, it's hard not to think of Tracy Morgan's recovery as anything short of a miracle. The 47-year-old comedian was involved in a deadly car crash in 2014 that left him seriously injured and in a coma. Thankfully, Tracy's recovery has seen great progress. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Tracy Morgan thanked his 2-year-old daughter for helping him get better.


"That's the reason I survived, for her, for her and my wife."

It's so hard to imagine how Tracy's wife, Megan Wollover, felt when she first heard the news her husband's vehicle was rear-ended by a semi. Just two months shy of delivering their daughter Maven (now age 2) at the time, Megan was thankful her husband was alive (sadly, one of Tracy's friends died in the crash).

Once out of his coma, Tracy found himself in a wheelchair and facing a long road to recovery. Thankfully he has an angel of a daughter, who motivated him to walk again:

I remember, I was in that wheelchair and I seen her. She was 14 months and I seen her take her first steps. And it inspired me to get out the wheelchair and take my first steps.

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I can't help but tear up at the thought of any family facing tragedy -- and such uncertainty. Thank goodness Tracy's story has a happy ending that unites him with his children (Morgan has three sons from his first marriage) and wife. It's also extremely touching to hear how big a part little Maven played in his recovery.

Parenting is not only a lifelong commitment, but it also challenges you to be a better version of yourself. You're no longer living for yourself. Being a mother or father gives you strength you never knew you had, and helps empower you beyond the limits you thought were in place.

Awesome job, Maven!



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